What we know about Earth..

On 5th of June 50 countries of the world were on date with Planet Earth. A great film was released in theaters and in all formats (TV, DVD, internet). Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those who were on time time to watch it an share the feelings and impressions at the same instant with millions of people all around the world. However, it’s never too late!

HOME was the title of this movie, which after watching I thanked Allah that I had the privilege to see the real beauty of his creation before leaving this beautiful life.. Subhan allah!

It strokes me that I belong to a society that claims to be religious and respecting towards all gifts that we’re given by Allah, while most of people here don’t bother to think a little about saving Earth, which is one of the greatest gifts and signs of the Almighty’s existence.

Few years back, I had the privilege to represent Omani students in an international environmental summit in London. I was so thrilled by seeing how serious people were about the discussed environmental issues, I could see that they had strong wills to change and to take actions.. I learnt a lot, I thought of change, I started at home and wrote tens of pages but simply No one cares! =)


6 Comments on “What we know about Earth..”

  1. Sam … all it requires is one person + a strong faith in his cause… then a big dream!Maybe you can start an awareness committee of some sort, maybe start a small assosiation that takes care of this issue … or maybe you can start with a facebook group and move on from there!I am pretty sure there are a lot of people around thinking as you are of this issue, but they are waiting for someone to start … why not be that person? 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you so much Said =)I agree with you, there are so many people around who have this concern but they just need to gather and work collectivelyMay this blog be the small start kick to reach the big dream =)

  3. Meteor says:

    i've always been concerned about invironmental issues, but truely in our country the public is not concerne at all.and i think the ( no to plastic bags) campaign was a good start and i think in long term there should be taxes for using the plastic bags, but of course after leading campaigns to cultivate ppl about why the should not use em, so they get convinced of using the reusable.and it's sad when we see that the participants in beaches cleaning campaigns are mostly foreigners, while this action should be taken by Omanis. i was really thinking of participating in one but ppl here still don't accept such stuff.well Sam thanks for writing about this and jut keep it up :)and may allah save out beloved earth 😉

  4. FAITH says:

    I agree with Said, why not be the person?Try and start a small group that aims at spreading awareness about such a crucial issue..It's not only about us, but it's also about the generations following us…Great post…Keep it up 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    Ameen, Meteor.. Anytime, dear =)Said, Faith, Meteor and all blogers: We can all blog about this issue as a first step, what do you think? =)

  6. Sam,With all my sympathy towards the subject, I am – unfortunately – not convinced that it is my responsibility as an individual to leed the change.Now as bad as it might sound, but this issue has not been crafted into us when we were children and therefore we think that the earth will always stay the same regardless to what we do to it.It is people like me that you need to change. This article can be the first step, but it shouldnt be the last… 🙂

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