The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown’s first novel after The Da Vinci Code is to hit the US and Canada stores in two days. The book’s story will focus on the Freemasonry and the Hebrew Key of Solomon and it will take place in Washington.. and again the Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon will be involved in this novel.

I’m a huge fan of Dan Brown’s novels and I liked the way he extended few hour’s time events to more than 400 pages of suspenseful and fascinating series of events. Dan Brown has put a lot of research and details in his novels which made them seem very realistic and enriching.

I can’t wait to read this one and I have booked my copy from BORDERS already. I hope that it will arrive the country soon enough before uni exams and quizes!

Update: The Lost Symbol is know available in the two branches of BORDERS. Enjoy! 🙂


7 Comments on “The Lost Symbol”

  1. illuminati says:

    I have red this novel, I must say its below expectation, having said that i wouldnt stop reading it.Angels and demons is my best so far.thanks for the highlight.

  2. Spot says:

    Angels and Demons is my favorite, too =)I agree with u and I'll try to write a detailed review soon inshallah

  3. So have you read it or not yet? 🙂 I read it two weeks ago. It wasnt bad, I actually enjoyed it to the extent that it took me 3 days to get done with it. The novel was packed with irrelevant information that made it – at certain times – boring and slow. Nevertheless it was a good read that I dont regret. 😉

  4. Spot says:

    Yes, I've read it a couple of months ago. I thought this novel was way below expectations as Illuminati said. The repeated formula in his previous books spoiled the thrill in this novel.I liked the Noetic science part though. I enjoyed linking this science to our religion and society and explaining things based on its concepts.

  5. You are right, the surprizes are not surprizes anymore, i.e. they became more like a stereotype of the previous novels.I found the following article relating The Lost Symbol to several interesting things.

  6. Spot says:

    Wow! That's a very interesting article! Thank you very much for sharing, Said! I've never thought about the resemblance between christian rituals like purgatory and Sufism! Interesting article,, I'll keep following inshallah , although I felt lost at some point =) !

  7. Truthfully speaking, at certain points, I fealt lost as well! ;)But the article is indeed an approach to understanding The Lost Symbol from a different prespective.:)

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