Back to Uni!

I’m back to college! Finally, and after a very, very long holiday of four months. thanks to swine flu! And here where the serious work begins.
I’d always been looking forward to starting this year, my third year, till last week when I had a few fights with the deanship of our college:
– I couldn’t register some course cuz there weren’t enough seats
– A pre-requisite was added to some other course without informing us prior. That would have forced me to take summer classes.
– Engineering students must fulfill the university electives hours from a limited list of boring courses while other students are free to take whatever they want from the open list of electives!!
– Some courses timings are disastrous. I have some full, long and busy days and a day-off and semi-day-offs 😛
Thank god, my fights were fruitful t some extent and here I am,, lost after missing a whole week of classes. not knowing if I’m in the right place.. Is it natural to have this feeling, when it’s too late?! Or is this a passing result of a long week of fights?..


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