Summer and Ramadhan, Here I come =)!

Finally, the tragic Summer Semester ’10 came to an end and Now I have a month and a week to enjoy myself at home and this time in the holy month of Ramadhan  =)!
It’s two occasions in one for myself: summer holiday and Ramadhan. And I want to live every moment to the maximum  =)!

(1)    Seeing/visiting family  twice a week is a very essential thing in Ramadhan in my family. It’s one of our family traditions to have Iftaar together in one of my uncles/aunts places twice a week at least. I used to find this a little annoying when Ramadhan used to coincide school days, but now as I’m free, I can’t wait till the next time I sit in a big circle with my cousins to talk and laugh while having Iftaar.

(2)    The 14th and 15th night are celebrated in the gulf area in a very special way that has changed through years. In the past, kids used to walk between neighborhoods houses singing Qaranqasho songs in the 14th night. Adults would come out and distribute chocolates, candies and money to the kids. The point of this celebration is to reward the kids for fasting the half of Ramadhan and to encourage them to fast. Nowadays, it’s very rare to see kids celebrating this event especially in Muscat. I heard  that some shopping malls and public parks are organizing big parties in these two but I think this event is better be celebrated within the family/neighborhood circle as long as that is possible. My family and I are planning to make a gathering that day and I’m searching for ideas, anyone? =D!

(3)    The TV show Khawater Has been a big part of my Ramadhan since 3 years at least. It’s my all time favorite and the only TV show I watch during Ramadhan. A must watch and a highly recommended show.

iBook’s screen shots
     (4)    have downloaded the new iphone app iBooks. It’s a very smart idea, I must say, to have your favorite books with you in the phone with a good display and flip-pages and search features, and quite not very smart when you check the prices of the books. Basically, I enjoy reading Books like real books with pages and I enjoy the scent of the papers and the ink. I mean seriously, I can get pirated copies (if needed, and I rarely read soft copies anyways) and modify them they way I want in the regular phone PDF reader And the real hard copy and pay less than the iBook’s price. 

3 Comments on “Summer and Ramadhan, Here I come =)!”

  1. FAITH says:

    A great come back Spot :*I love Khawatir and the gerge3an party idea. I've already given you my ideas, can't wait for that night 🙂 ❤

  2. Kitten says:

    What happened to the three options about the party? Is it going going to be the no-kids and no-women one? 😛 Khawatir is the only show I watch during Ramadhan too and my best episode was about the Qumra; it explained so much.

  3. Kitten says:

    Also, I love the feel of reading solid books and I've never went for online reading or the like, it's just not the same. Hope you enjoy your summer break to the max and Ramadhan kareem, mo2a5arran 🙂

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